Thursday, November 4, 2010

Naruto 515 Review: The War Begins!

The 4th Ninja war is about to begin. All 5 Shinobi Country and the Samurai Country join forces againt the Akatsuki, however the battle become tough as Kabuto summon all the undead ninja that once are famous and powerful on all 5 country's and include lot of Zetsu. While Naruto and Sasuke busy preparing and waiting there battle against each other,  Will the war ended before they can fight? or They will be the Champions that will end the War and the fulfillment of the prophesy of that will change the Shinobi World?

The story seem coming to its climax and its getting exciting too, somehow the anime getting more fillers than having the original story that can mislead a lot. Anyway I can't wait the up coming all-star royal rumble of all Naruto character that will battling against each side(dead or not, except Orochimaru , who is sealed but not dead and Jiraiya, whose dead that not yet show up or later on will show up..... I think) Well that all for now.  

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