Friday, November 19, 2010

TWOGK 3rd Captured Heroine Kanon Nakagawa Shine in Anime

Back in the manga series of TWOGK, Kanon show only a simple drama that nobody notice her because she too plain. So that why she become one of the Weiss(loose Soul in Anime) host, however the anime begin to elaborate the story in more dramatic way that would interest most fan of TWOGK like adding the Citron(old idol group that Kanon belong too) to give more reason for being afraid to be alone, but because of this the story of Kanon shine more in the Anime plus 4 song(Kanon and Citron song) making TWOGK more popular than before. Hopefully at the Haqua(or Hakua if the name is right) Arc make it more exciting than want on the manga =) for now i can't wait for the next episode^^.

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