Monday, November 22, 2010

Ore no Imouto! Which is better? Manga or Anime

Well the Ore no Imouto! is getting popular alright, but there are Question for some fan(that include me) which is better? Manga or Anime.
The Manga show a lot of nice art work and some gags that turn some character into chibi form to make it funny, but the storyline is slow that the Anime showing off its advance plots. The Anime show more drama than the manga also more Fanservice^^, however the story plot seem to move fast that might end to 12 episode only.

In my opinion the Anime is better than the Manga because it show more drama and impact to the fan also I like hearing than reading(Voice Fetish). Anyway please comment this post if you any thing to say:>

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  1. I agree. I read it and watched it and I like the anime better. She's a lot more... human in the anime. In the manga they don't build up a solid personality for her, like they do in the anime. Although, this might just be a lack of resources on my part, but aren't there only like 16 manga chapters out? That's alli could find online anyway, so I guess the anime just went off on it's own. So what'll happen in the manga, will it just start following the show? Again, there could be way more manga out than I realize, so I might be totally wrong on this ^_^


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