Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TWOGK: Elsea Rise to Fame

Before Elsea in the TWOGK manga seem attract least attention(somehow not cute,just a normal character for comedy). Because of that she seem more a side kick of Keima, however later on when the chapter getting more interesting Elsea role seem more attach to Keima now. At the showing of TWOGK Anime episode 1, Elsea become more cuter that before plus her role seem more significant in the story like in Kanon Arc,where she meet the Fanclub of Kanon and tell the extra story that give more dramatic impact to it.

 At the official Character Poll(Wakati Tamiki Blog) Elsea become 1st place by receive 6031 votes, while Hakua gain second place and Kanon for third place. so they release a side story of Black Kanon(Elsea Acting as Kanon) in the latest chapter that seem more cuter and funnier than before, I can't wait to see the Anime of this.  

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