Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ore no Imouto! ~Impression so far~

Well so far the anime about little sister who love eroge leaves a lot of impression that is really exciting and funny like the game Siscalayer(doujinshi game that similar to MBA doujinshi) and an Nanoha or Code Geass with a Darker than black similar anime that Kirino and Kuroneko watch(that i totally understand their rude comment of their favorite anime in their first meeting).

Stripping her Foe

Ayase is Insane for the moment

Well there are some topics involve otaku's , family, Or friends that can related for some problematic situation, however there are still good point to show. The Anime getting something close to harem(like Kyousuke have all his sister and her friends also including the childhood friend, show interest to him) but more in slice of life  that an non otaku fan can watch this with interest.

You Smell GOOD

Unknow Caller

Anyway the anime seem more interesting at the coming next episode about the novel that Kirino made turn into Anime (About Imouto World or Imouto Star if the translation is correct). Hope it a good one(not too much Moe).

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  1. I was very sceptic about this show but I came to really like it. It's amazing to see how much trouble begets the sister for her combined hobbies and lifestile, and the sacrifices her borther makes for her. It somewhat reminds me of Toaru Majuts no Index barring the supernatural/action part.


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