Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Word for the week: Jinzō Ningen

Jinzō Ningen = Android

Literally means "artificial human". So why is this the word for the week? I happen to stumble upon my uncle's Dragonball Z Complete Box set of 40 DVD's! I've been on a marathon since I got it watching episodes that saw when I was too young to even understand any of it. You get to hear this especially at the start of the Cell Saga. 

Jinzō Ningen.. Jinzō Ningen!.. Jinzō Ningen ka? Jinzō Ningen desu! 

That's it for the word of the week.This will probably be a new portion in this blog that I'll put up every week...or whenver I can..

So next time you watch Dragonball Kai, watch out for the Jinzō Ningen!!!

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