Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ichigo's New Look

From Bleach 417 : DEICIDE 19

After training to obtaining the final Getsuga Tenshou, Ichigo appears before his friends ready to face Aizen. Although his friends noticed he looked slightly different. Ichimaru even said he has strong eyes. True his right arm has a bad-ass looking chain and the hilt of Tenza Zangetsu looks somewhat different but even Aizen can't feel a hint of reiatsu coming from him. So what Ichigo did next caught him surprisingly off guard!

Ichigo gets serious...

Hey! What's with that bored look, hmph?!
The Bad-ass chains...

...I wonder if those chains is part of the weapon or just for display

Errr.. Cloud Strife?

Reminds me.. I have to get a haircut soon. 

Ready for the final showdown!


  1. his new look is fantastic wooooow BLEACH 4 eveee

  2. I've seen a new Ichigo yet! :)

    Take a "look" :D


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