Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black Rock Shooter Game Announce

A teaser Video shown a RPG of BRS, and said “In 2032 A.D., all of humanity is in peril. Before she awakens… She becomes RPG.”

"WOW!! they add a bayonet on her BIG gun"

I check the "Mysterious Website" that Announce the BRS game, the website is simple yet somehow amaze me(with the 3D blue flame and the no signal TV screen, if you know what i mean) and only show the Teaser Video of BRS game.

Somehow I feel excited again about the Black Rock Shooter game, however I suspect that it will release very long time like the OVA, or maybe there were not to make a game(not official game, but a doujin game can be possible... maybe). Anyway, Let's hope that It won't take too long and make sure its a best game.

Here the Teaser Video


  1. Ahh.. so the RPG comes out on... 2032AD?! Man, I'll be 50 before I can even play it!

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