Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alpha Stigma

Legend of Legendary Heroes: First impression

A scene taken from Black Rock Shooter?!
I just started watching this today. At first I wasn't so interested. The animation looked like Ragnarok: The anime, and the title seemed so cheesy. Who would want to watch something called Legend of Legendary Heroes? Unexpectedly, after first episode I was impressively hooked. 

Bishoujo Swordie Ferris and Slacker Mage Ryner: A Perfect Combination.
The animation doesn't look much at first look but it gets better. The way their magic circles are formed is nothing new in anime. We've seen these types in Nanoha and FMA before.  Although  I haven't seen such a strong blonde swordie in while which is quite refreshing.The battle scenes are simple but they don't look cheap at all. The color might not be so vivid but somehow it's just right for this series. There are scenes with obvious CG  that makes the Heroes Relics look more Mechanical than Magical.

This spell was done with Ryner half awake!
The anime's story is based on a light novel of the same name. The story is set in a somewhat medieval age where magic is used as a weapon. Every region seem to have different elemental magic which is unique and is a strongly guarded secret. Imagine the surprise of enemies when a unknown mage effortlessly copies their spells and sends it back to them! I like the way the anime tells the story because within just 10 minutes of the first episode, you'll have a grasp of the story.

Another aspect of this anime that drives me is it's satirical and political nature. A new emperor has just been crowned and is trying to change a land filled corruption. That's not a very easy for any leader of a nation.

The title is also explained immediately as the introduction of episode 1. Which is good because after years of watching Bleach and reading the manga, I still have no idea why it was titled that way. Do you?!

Don't mess with a girl and her balls
The characters are are also interesting.
Ryner Lute, who is the bearer of the Alpha Stigma, is an easy going mage who reminds me of Kakashi-Sensei. Sleepy all the time, and eyes that can copy an enemies techniques. He's regarded as the strongest magician in his country at a very young age but is also treated as an outcast since bearers of the Alpha Stigma can go berserk and turn against his allies. That's why every one fears him.
Ferris Eris comes from a clan of swordsmen and is acting as a bodyguard for Ryner while they look for Relics of Legendary Heroes. (I think that would've been a more appropriate title.)
Sion Astal  the emperor of Roland Kingdom. He's a very smart fellow and hates corruption like hell. He is young, handsome and... likes Ryner eyes?! *shrugs*

Overall, this anime is something that shouldn't be missed this season. The action, wit, and humor is enough to keep you coming back for more. And since I'm a Suikoden fan, this anime fits right into my top anime to watch list. I just hope they don't mess it up at the end of the season like most good anime do. Know what I mean?

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