Friday, August 20, 2010

Amagami SS: Kaoru Tanamachi Arc Review

Well here the second heroine that Junichi next target. Kauro Tanamachi, A childhood friend since middle school and have a bad habit on messing up Junichi that make her, his bad friend. At the Beginning of the story after Junichi got stood up, Kaoru was there on that day and seem she was there to cheer him up.

"This is were they got the Title hehe"

After two years, Junichi seem a bit ok on this Arc except he still hate anything that got to do with date's. Kaoru on the other hand seem messing up Junichi more than ever, but because of that, he got to see kaoru's Panties that she eventually hit Junichi on his weak stop then consciousness.

  "I got an idea hehe"

When he wake up, Junichi saw Kaoru waiting to regain consciousness and seem she have a little evil but failed so quickly. Kaoru tell him to that she be waiting at the back of the school when the day ends.

 "AAhh Flower beds are so niceeee!!"

Well she got him thinking all kinds of fantasy and stuff, but in the end, it was just to help a friend in need that really making it disappointing. Somehow he help Kaoru friend Keiko Tanaka from her confession to a boy, Somehow because of that Kaoru have become aware of her feelings for Junichi, and Junichi become aware of his feelings for Kaoru on each passsing day. However like every heroine, she have a problem to face, Kaoru saw her mother dating with man she do not know that made her feel depress. However she gotten over her depression because of Junichi, who is really worry about her.

"Stalker 101: be sure not to be seen" 

After that Junichi and Kaoru decide to have a date on Christmas on the port tower, before they go there the other character being busy at the Christmas eve.

 "Junichi: Where would I take this girl? (evil laugh)" 

"For Reindeer costume, no problem! just chop off some reindeer head and were good to go." 

"And the winner for Ms. Santa Claus is...... Haruka Morishima!!"

Junichi was holding his fears of high while dating Kaoru at the port tower, While there dating they said each other plenty of bad memories of Junichi, but for kaoru that were good memories and on the first night when snow fall, they were amaze while looking through the window floor, like snow falling beneath there feet. There they started to tell there feeling to each other and kiss.

I got a feeling this might be the most romantic scene... I hopely I'm wrong...

Well Kaoru's Arc was kinda more childhood romance than comedy romance, but if we compare Haruka to Kaoru, I think Haruka still in the lead because Kaoru Arc ending is a bit disappointing not like Haruka Arc ending show how crazy in love for each. Kaoru Arc show a lot romantic scene and advantage for being a childhood friend and so, but lack something like a romantic ending, but that ending finish up like any Galge/Eroge ending. Oh well, lets hope the next heroine in line is good(well she a moe type after all, so it gotta be good)    


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