Monday, August 23, 2010

Togainu no Chi Anime Preview

After being devastated in the third World War (known as The Third Division), Japan was divided in two. Several years after the end of the war, a crime organization called Vischio has taken control of the destroyed city of Toshima (formerly Tokyo, Japan's capital city), where they are holding a battle game known as "Igura". The main character, a young man named Akira, is falsely accused of a crime. Once arrested, a mysterious woman appears before him, offering him freedom if he agrees to participate in Igura and defeat Igura's strongest man: the king, or "Il-re". The story follows Akira's life in the harsh, lawless Toshima as he fights both to survive and to unravel the mysteries developing around him.

From what I find in researching this coming up anime, Togainu no Chi is really going to be a bloody Anime, but what scared me most that its known in the game with Yaoi stuff (shivers). I'm ok with bloody action anime except for the Yaoi stuff ( I really hope there no Yaoi on that anime)

Well here the Trailer of it

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