Monday, August 16, 2010

Gonzo: Blassreiter on Animax Premieres

On August 27, 2010 , Animax will be showing Blassreiter. It will be shown on weekday's Monday - Friday, 9:30 pm.

Blassreiter was one Gonzo's popular anime on 2008, and was shown together with The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk, "legally" on a popular American website and international online community that focused on streaming East Asian media including anime, manga, music, electronic entertainment, and auto racing content known as Crunchyroll.
I think its was there first simulcasting back then when i watching it. Anyway here the summary of it.

The story set in a fictional Germany, Blassreiter follows the outbreak of a blood-borne plague that gives rise to biomechanical monsters which leave no one standing in their path to live. Formerly humans, these agile, strong and raging monsters are known as ‘Demoniacs’ and have the ability to fuse with machines into even more lethal creatures. Apocalypse looms as more and more humans are turned into Demoniacs…

Standing against the plague is Joseph Jobson, a mysterious rider of a formidable motorcycle with unreal battle technology to defend man against the machines. Yet, the same tainted blood that carries his strength, threatens to devour his soul – leaving him nothing more than a murderous Demoniac himself…

Well It bring back some memories of Blassreiter and its was a nice anime, maybe dubbing it in English would make it even better, well at least making it more epic hehe.

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