Thursday, August 19, 2010

Atlus "Catherine" is really a bizarre game

"Boy Meet's Girl"

The game was made by the persona team( The one who made all the Persona series) and Studio 4 C, but it have more Adult and horror element.The story start at the main character Vincent is first seen dining with the beautiful Catherine, and then walking around some kind of labyrinth in his underwear(maybe because he is only wearing that while asleep), gradually turning into a sheep. He is told he has to endlessly climb the stairs of this nightmare world in order to avoid death.

"The Worst death of all is when you die lonely"

 Famitsu indicates that the "action" in this action-adventure takes place in this nightmare world. We expect to see those sheep creatures in our own nightmares soon enough.

"Welcome to The Dream World BBAAAAA!"

"Vincent is the sheep with no wool just HORN" 

Well It seem they turn another nice child story into a nightmare(you know, while counting sheep make you asleep, and sheep wool are good for sleeping too) still the music and the story seem interesting, so i hope they make it in English version soon.

Here the trailer

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