Monday, August 30, 2010

“Otome Youkai Zakuro” – Anime Adaptation


In a world where humans and youkai (monsters or demons) live peacefully together, it is decided by the humans to change the calander to one that focuses on the daytime. Because the youkai are annoyed with this, and others are angered, it is decided that representatives from both the youkai and human sides with get together and keep the peace.

Zakuro is a youkai girl who can't stand anti-youkai bigotry. She is also one of the youkai assigned as a representative. At the meeting with the human side, they are paired up, and at first she is really happy with the guy she ends up with, because he seems to be the kind, princely type. However, it turns out he is secretly freaked out by youkai, and even calls them monsters! Naturally, Zakuro gets mad at him! What will happen in this otherworldly fantasy?

Well the animation seem nice to watch still, I do not know how well is the story(since its an alternate Meiji Era) I can't really determine is good. so let wait for the anime for now


  1. Another picture OF Suck Anime

    IS this anime OLD or NEW!!!!

    I don't know.. But The Video Was OK..

    Tks for the post by the way >:)

  2. yeah, don't choose old looking pictures. :D


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