Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hatsune Miku Projest Diva 2nd Review

I can say the Project Diva 2nd have surpass my expectation when I play it, It have the Best Graphics, Song's  and  New Rhythmic System. The most popular Vocaloid song are in Project Diva 2nd, New or old. Only the problem left was to understand what the condition to get the costume, since I can't read Japanese I'll have to guess one at a time hehe.

Well most of the character's can be change to make the Music Video or whatever you call it into a great song to play with, if  not the MV will make it into comedy(like Miku singing Saito Song in Guy voice hehe) Hopefully the upcoming PSP K-ON will have the same quality like Project Diva 2nd.

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