Saturday, May 8, 2010

Naruto manga 493 Review

Naruto sits in front of the Waterfalls of Truth. What came out of the falls was something he never expected.

So Naruto was sitting in front of the falls of truth (Probably a bad pun about truth or false). Another Naruto with dark eyes came out. He had a sinister smirk. Naruto thought at first that he was a Kagebunshin, but the truth is he was the darkness inside Naruto. The Dark Naruto continues by saying he is Naruto's Precious Hatred. And that he is the TRUE Naruto, and the Kyubi likes him more.
Naruto and his Dark side start to duke it out first with taijutsu hand combat. Naruto then says that the dark Naruto is the fake one.

The next panel shows Bee doing Sumo with some gigantic bears and him winning effortlessly. Hachibi speaks to Bee from inside. Urges him that maybe they should help out the Kyubi kid. Bee said he didn't like the way Naruto makes fun of rap and give a vague open ended sentence "Besides, he..." (Besides he... what?!) I guess we'll have to wait for the next chapter for rest of that statement.

Meanwhile Naruto and his Darkside are evenly matched. The continue their match with great numbers of kagebunshin.

We also find out this Battle is only happening inside Naruto and that his companions only see him sitting down with eyes closed.

Naruto suddenly opens his eyes and said that he couldn't beat his darkness. Immediately he wanted to ask help from the Octopus guy. (Lazy Naruto. Try figuring stuff out for yourself first will 'ya!)

The Komugakure guy tells Naruto about Bee's past. But the rest will have to wait for next week.


It's good that Naruto and his darkness are easily matched, if Naruto gets defeated by his darkness there's no telling what will happen.
Now, if the Kyubi's will is pure hatred, where does all the hatred come from? Did the Kyubi have a bad childhood experience too? Maybe he was abused as a cub and his parents got divorced! (just kidding.)
I think the whole point to the whole Falls of Truth exercise is to reconcile a person's denial of his hatred and the acceptance of his inner devil. Only then will he be able to control it.

Next week, the Hachibi's bloody history!

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  1. Naruto is my favorite tv show. I like all Naruto episodes but season 1 episode 16 is my favorite episode.


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