Monday, May 10, 2010

FMA 107 Review

After the insane blast of the main homoculus, the Main Headquarters in central is completely destroy, Alphonse and Hohenheim have suffer great damage to protect the others, but there enemy spare no time and try to steal Edward and his Master soul, however the back up just arrive in time to district the enemy attention and rescue the injured. Mustang use his new alchemy with the help of Lt. Hawkeye, while the briggs fire everything they got to the Main Homoculus, so the philosophers stone would ran out, but it seem there no success in direct hit.
Greed try to hit him directly but was going to be absorb by him. Edward try to punch him, while his guard is down but it was a failure and Edward's Automail is completely destroy however, he follow up with a kick, that successful hit but block it with his Arm. The Main Homoculus is getting weak and can't control the God inside of him, making a huge shockwave that all around him flies away. Edward got his Arm pierce to the wall, the enemy slow approches him. Alphonse saw his brother is indanger, so he ask May Lin to use the long range transmutation to bring back Edwards other Arm back by sacriface himself, May Lin disagree at first but it was only the way to save Edward. So May Lin set up the long range transmutation on Edward and Alphonse, Edward try to make Alphonse to stop the transmutation but it was too late. At the Door of Truth, Alphonse meet his body then the Armored Alphonse disappear mean the soul have already return. At the same time Edwards right arm return and all the Automail part have been completely remove, After seeing that Alphonse sacriface himself to return his arm, he went berserk on the main enemy, the main homoculus getting beat up from Edwards attack and everybody is cheering him, Greed realize that what he really wants is to have a friend. After a hard beating, the Main homoculus is down to the ground while Edward is still mad.

Its really exciting to what going to happen next and what Edward will do when everything is over, well for me is guess that since the Main homoculus is surely going to lose, he might use the nuclear alchemy to blow all his enemy to dust with him, that what i think but i hope its more epic by the next chapter hehehe

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