Sunday, May 9, 2010

Heroman Episode 6

Back at the time when Will become a Skrugg, Lina call to him, then Will suddenly remember of his family and Lina from when there younger until now, that give him a mental Breakdown.

Lina wanted to help him but Joey stop her because there still surrounded by the enemy, with Will going crazy they able to think how to escape.
They going to a ruined building to escape, Nick and his army try to follow them however with Heroman made the ceiling colapse by doing it, Joey and the others escape safely but they are in despair about Will becoming a Skrugg.
At the same time the Sphere keep rolling, while the US Airforce try to damage it, and they also try to analazy it but it did not work, however a eye appear on the sphere then destroy the chopper with a spike.
After that they arrive to Denton Lab with a despressing atmosphere but they cannot be in despair in time of survival, so they look to the lastest info that Denton found.

All the Sphere are going to a straight line, so some are going out of US soil but the other one is heading straight to Washington DC, and at the White House, that make the president of USA angry to the unstoppable sphere.

Everybody is panicking about the sphere, so the president and the staff decide to use nuclear bombs at the Skrugg base within 9 hrs.
At the same time the leader of the Skrugg decide to manipulate more Will, because he might be the one that can beat Heroman(And here the horror of the agony hehe)
At Denton Lab, they continue to observe the sphere until Joey found out about the sphere are not being control form inside but at the enemy Base, so if the take out the Base the sphere will be destroy.

 After learning about the info, they prepare to attack in anyway they can to take out the Skrugg base, and save Will and Nick(if Nick can really be save, i hope he just die like the rest of the skrugg, bwahahahah)
however while Joey and Lina market some food, they encounter the Skrugg drone pod and try to smash them(but its weird a Skrugg drone pod just smash and not fire lazers or something)
but in the end, Heroman destroy the Drone pod by one hit(which mean the Skrugg mothership can be destroy by few hits hehe)
Since they have been discover, Joey and the other set toward to Skrugg Base to end the battle.
 Meanwhile the president wait for the count down of the nuclear missile, an having second thought to this, but suddenly a general come in and introduce to a person, who may have something to beat the Skrugg, and his name is Dr.Minami.

From this Minami character smell like a villian, and sure up to no good, and the Skrugg Arc it already reaching it ending and hope it won't be tragic to anyone but to the skrugg only hehehe

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