Sunday, May 23, 2010

Angel Beats : Review of Anime and Light Novel

At the beginning, the story start at the light novel when otonoshi is not dead yet and the first meet of Yuri and Hinata that start the rebellion against god, what pretty amazing is that they still intact even they have trouble to each member like Chaa, the leader of the Guild, and the first person who bring a gun at the afterlife, he wants authority to the world and never trust anyone, until Yuri challenge him and got defeated. the next one is too scare d cat, Ooyama, he the other human that Hinata thought his a NPC, because of the plain existance of him. and there first operation as a team is at Tenshi's room, think that mission was failed because one of them do a stupid act, and my first guess was Yuri. The novel not yet out on english so i need to wait the others.

Back at the Anime series, it make sense now how clueless are they if you read the novel until Otonoshi come and unlocking the mystery of Tenshi, only the fun most fun part of the story is there dying part that make life worthless since there dead hehehe, but they don't like the pain of dying, so live without pain! At the lastest episode show a key to solve the mystery of Tenshi's from a book software manual unknown as the Angel Player, where Kanade's power was made in the computer software and if they have that book, they might find god or make a power of there own, if it work hmmm.... 

anyway 5 more episode the anime is finish but i do not know, if the story will be finish at the anime or at the light novel or the game, if they make one hehe.


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