Friday, May 21, 2010



In this chapter we are given a history of Killerbee, the Hachibi. There isn't much to say about this chapter, but we are given a brief background of Bee's past through the narration of Motoi, the other Komugakure ninja in the island.

He tells about how bee was his bestfriend since childhood, but that changed after bee was selected to be the next host for the Hachibi. And then all the town's people treated him with fear and disgust.

Naruto contemplates this story and he thinks about his childhood experience of being ostracized before, and now he is regarded as a hero of Konoha. Much like how Bee is treated as a hero of Komugakure. Then he remembers what the Dark Naruto told him.

Then the giant Squid attacks. Naruto says something very funny and bee comes to the rescue and that's about it for this chapter.

This arc is moving by too slow. I guess it's important to have character development for Bee so the readers will have a bit of emotional attachment to the character. My take is that he'll probably die in a battle soon. But that won't be until he becomes a mentor to Naruto. The only things left for him to master is his Kyubi and his non-exsistent Genjutsu aptitude. Things are bound to get exciting soon.

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