Sunday, May 9, 2010

Heroman Episode 5

After the stoping the sphere temporary, Joey suffer fatigue, while Heroman suffer damage two hand but the 5 sphere keep rolling all the way to their destination. After the scene of the Giant Heroman, the Skrugg leader seem threaten by Heroman, so he will have all out attack on him. Meanwhile Will and Nick are imprison in a Pod like Jail, Will never give up hitting the it to open, while Nick Cry on one side.

They were realise and bring them to a place where most of the pod Skrugg are there and bring one in front of them then suddenly move making only heard there sceaming in pain

At the same time, back at Denton's Lab, Joey Repair the broken parts of Heroman(Its very easy to fix with no long maintainance hehe)
While thinking a plan to stop the spheres, Denton ask Joey if he's fine but Denton true intension are to use Joey for his personal generator Aka. Human power resource(and i thought something more creative hehe)
While Joey pedal for electricity, Denton Hack to the infomation Network to know what happening to the sphere and all of it can't be stop, even dropping bomb did not even damage it.
After reporting about the spheres, Skrugg army have move out to the Base and the reporter was killed on the spot after reporting the Skrugg movement's.
After heard the report, Joey can't stand any longer to wait what's happening, so Denton show his new invention that have a little technology of the Skrugg, a guitar with a big stereo, but on Denton theory, the Skrugg talk in high frequancy sound(first insect, now Bats hehe) by using the customize guitar it will destroy there frequancy also giving them a head ache.
Joey and Psy use a hit and run tactic against the Skrugg and with the new weapon, that Psy is using the guitar(even he does'nt like it) It work effective to the enemy that give them a big problem, So they think to use another tatics.
 While Joey continue the attack, he suddenly found Lina walking on the side walks. She still looking for Will, even all the people have evacuated to a safe place, Joey insist to stay Lina to a safe place after he finish there battle but Lina is stubburn enough to search her brother, so he finally accept Lina's offer to go with them(talk about strong will women)
Joey and Psy continue the attack but suddenly got trap by a small brown skrugg and a purple Skrugg with there own army, the purple Skrugg challenge Heroman a one on one fight, while Psy keep the small brown Skrugg busy using the guitar.
Joey use the Heroman Blast mode on the purple Skrugg but it was equal to there power that manage to block the Heroman Blast attack.
Heroman only manage to break his mask then they were shock to see it was Will, who Heroman fight against equally

I already expect to happen like this but I'm sure that Stan Lee have a plan for them, each character to serve a purpose for this story.

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