Saturday, May 29, 2010

Heroman Episode 9

At that time before Joey flew to the wall, Minami have already set up the machine that might take over control of the sphere hat is heading at the White House.
After Joey's indirect hit, Heroman stop moving that give Korgorr a chane to strike back but Joey stop Korgorr finishing blow again but this time, Korgorr going to hit Joey directly to finish this battle, after Joey got hit, all hope seem loss.
After Heroman saw Joey fly like a thrown toy, he suddenly become mad and turn red with fire burning from his head and shoulder making him control and trash Korgorr merciless.
When Joey woke up, he saw Heroman was about to reap Korgorr's neck but Joey stop him and have Heroman undercontrol again, then the Beaten Korgorr stand again and fight them but this time is easy target for Heroman.
After Defeating Korgorr, before he died he set the self destruct sequence of the base and try to died with them, so Joey and the gang use the elevator thingy whatever you call it to the top so to stop the spheres.
Denton was able to stop the sphere before Minami take control of it, but the self-destruct system won't stop so they run out of the base before they caught from the explosion, The whole USA or the world final receive its peace but a remain of skrugg technology still remain undestroyed then someone took it.

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