Friday, May 21, 2010

Heroman Episode 8

In the previous episode, The Skrugg leader, Korgorr, decide to crush them by destroying the whole sphere room, Denton try to contact Joey but there no answer, making them worry what happen to Joey.
Meanwhile Dr.Minami have receive permission to the president to get one of the Sphere with the help the team of scientist that Minami form and seem they going to get the sphere by use a robot they made in 3 hr.
Denton and Psy continue there mission to destroy the sphere, but because the Skrugg security system caught them so there in trouble.
 So no choice but to put out there secret weapon, more speakers too make the army of Skrugg stun hehehe, then they runaway.
Meanwhile at the collapse room, Heroman emerge underground bring Joey out safely, but Will and Lina are still missing, so they search for them but while searching Joey found Nick and confirm dead like they other Skrugg.
  Joey found where Will and Lina is, and help them to take out the rable on top of them, Will is critical injured because he protected Lina from the rable, so Joey tell to Lina get out of here with her brother so they came be safe, Lina disagree at first, however she must listen to Joey, for the safety of her brother.
At that time, Korgorr get annoyed to Denton and Psy doing, so he decide to show up to finish him.
Denton and Psy try to do the same tactics against the Skrugg pawns at Korgorr however It did not work and they were about to get killed.
Good thing Heroman stop his attack and Joey save Psy, now the real battle is going to start.
Korgorr change his form in a more insect look plus he have wings, making Heroman useless to attack him but with the help of Joey, using his speed power and shield, they become a undefeated team.
With the Heroman blast, Korgorr is suppose to be dead but he not yet finish, he fight against Joey quickly as possible then Joey got hurt badly, making the other include Heroman shock. 

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