Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bleach Manga 402 Review

Urahara Kisuke has finally arrived. Is there anything he could do at all being the creator of the Hogyoku?!

What can Urahara possibly do that the other captains haven't tried yet?

It's been a hundred years since Urahara and Aizen faced each other.
Urahara comments of Aizen's unusual form of fusing with the Hogyoku. Aizen prefers to call it a subduing of the Hogyoku.
(At this point Urahara is definitely giving off a higher level of coolness and awesomeness than Aizen.)

Aizen continues with saying that Kisuke failed to master it. Kisuke points out that it was in the past.
(Ofcourse it was in the past. A hundred years have passed by. If Aizen has been researching for that long, that mean Urahara has been onto Aizen for a hundred years! He's even remedied the hollowfication of the Vizards. I bet he's prepared for anything Aizen has to throw at him.)

And with that said, Aizen launches a sudden attack piercing Urahara through his body. But no it wasn't Urahara he pierced. It was one of those inflatable clones he used against the Arancar.
(Hahaha! Serves you right Aizen. You're sounding more like a loser the more you reveal in this arc.)

The clone pops and Urahara is right behind Aizen casting him with a 6 Rods of Light Bakudou. Urahara doesn't stop there. He casts more 4 or 5 more high level Bakudou. The last one ending with a massive explosion of light.
Ichigo couldn't help but be in awe. "How strong.." Says Ichigo.
(Definitely strong! I always knew Kisuke to be a genius, but I never thought he was a high-end Kidou user.)

Apparently the barrage of Bakudou's were ineffective. Just when Urahara was saying Aizen became careless because of his new found power, Aizen shows up behind Urahara with half his face covered in some sort of shell. He slashes Urahara with his bare hand! Aizens says he no longer needs to be careful. He claims to be so powerful now that he doesn't even need to dodge a level 90 kidou anymore. (Geez!)
Kisuke then retorts that he wasn't talking about kidou dodging. When he said Aizen was careless he meant he let Kisuke try all his attacks on him one by one.
Aizen now realizes that Kisuke has sealed the reatsuflosing out of Aizen's palms. And he will be blasted by his own reiatsu. (Which is a whole lot of reiatsu!)
And so Aizen blows up as a pillar of light in front of Urahara.

My Assessment:

Urahara played Aizen like a chess player. Every move was calculated. Every attack had a purpose. There's something to be said about a strong opponent who uses his wits to enhance his physical strength. Kisuke simply exploited Aizen's weakness and used Aizen's own strength against him. In this battle I see more maturity from Kisuke being a technical fighter as opposed to Kenpachi's slash and bash technique. But I don't think this is the end for Aizen. I really hoped it was. It would've cool if Kisuke was the one to finish what he started. But since Ichigo is the useless main character, the story has to end with him being the one to beat the bad guy's ass.

Needless to say, I can't wait for the next chapter!


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