Thursday, September 16, 2010

Valkyria Chronicle 3: Unrecorded Chronicles

The Valkyria 3 have set on to play in Psp at Jan 27, 2011. Somehow most of the fans of Valkyria get angry to Sega because the game suppose to be on Ps3 were the game originally set.
Well I can't say for sure that the Valkyria 3 would be better on psp but let hope they improve the graphics on it, so there will be no complains. anyway the Valkyria Chronicle 3 story is set on year 1935, the same year that the first Valkyrie Chronicle is set. The Story tell about Kurts Iriving, Riera, Ymca and there group that seem erase there names and only given are numbers from there profile. The story seem will mix with the story of the first Valkyria Chronicle and how they survive the War.

Anyway here a raw Video of VC3

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