Thursday, September 23, 2010

The end of Bleach?! ***SPOILER ALERT***

In the latest Bleach manga Chapter 421
Ichigo has decided to use the Final Getsuga against Aizen. It's called "Final" for a reason it seems. This technique can only be used once and then all the Shinigami powers of the user will be gone. No wonder Ichigo's dad didn't use it.
Ichigo momentarily turns into a long blackhaired figure with a mask and sharp nails and with one fell swoop hits Aizen with a bad-ass attack that sends his Zanpatukou crumbling. At the end Ichigo loses all his Shinigami powers, and so does Aizen and a surprise appearance from Urahara who planted a kidou inside Aizen.
This line says it all. The question is, who does the Hougyoku see as it's new master now? Is it the now powerless Ichigo Kurusaki, or is it's creator Urahara Kisuke, or is it the mysterious Soul King that everyone is talking about? Anyway, with Aizen gone so goes the mastermind of all evil stuff in Bleach.

So is it the end?

I'm not sure either. A lot of questions are still left unanswered and if they decide to end Bleach, this might not be the best time to do so. There will probably be more villains and new stories to come. Probably a time lapse is needed after this arc. Whichever direction they decide to go with this manga, I'll surely be one to still follow it.

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