Saturday, September 25, 2010

Heroman Review

Well the story of Heroman started with a bang, when Heroman was born and they rescue Lina and her Dad from accident. The Theme is Heroism were a hint like "save the cheer leader, save the world" motto that really  got from heroes were a hero save a cheer leader and the world with it.
Well the battle of Heroman are mostly aliens but only few human villains manage to outsmart Joey and his Friends still the obvious conclusion that the hero win at the end. Well from the last episode of Heroman in the ending, Minami have manage to escape with subordinate and have a new idea to defeat Heroman, which give the viewers a 2nd season to expect from it, an OVA, or even a MOVIE that might use it for live action. Anyway after this series is finish, It surely will be show at English dub on American or on Animax.....I guess.

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