Sunday, September 5, 2010

Angel Beats Track Zero Review

I know it a bit late since Angel Beats popularity in gone, so let start at the begin of the story in Angel Beat Track Zero or novel version.

From base what I read the story start at the death of Hinata that eventually goes to Afterlife school and gone confuse to where he is? and What going on? Somehow Yuri appear in front of him and tell about all she know, Of course Hinata need to die "twice" to realize that he is in Afterlife. There first plan was insane, to kill all the NPC to make god appear, Hinata reject this plan and tell his reason that make Yuri change her mind. While thinking a plan, Chaa(who still new in the afterlife school) have taken hostage of the principal and have a gun. Yuri and Hinata goes there to recruit Chaa for there team, but Tenshi already nail him down and confiscate the gun. They realize that Tenshi might be god(well we know she human right). Again the principal was taken hostage by Yuri and Hinata with the use of the empty ammo gun, try to threaten Tenshi but did not work and got defeated. After the incident, Hinata discover Ooyama(his room buddy) was human(hinata did notice it because of Ooyama action are like NPC). so they found another member, only they need now is Chaa knowledge about guns. So Yuri and the other two try to recruit Chaa, first did not work out well but in the dual match, he finally join Yurippe Team. After the dual, they have a party at Tenshi room and guess what Yuri stole from her?

 A "swimsuit", She wear it and test it at a game of volleyball.Well she thinks that Swimsuit might give her power up, but Hinata thinks that she just want to wear it. After the Volleyball game, they go to the place where Chaa made the gun Aka. Soon to be known as the Guild. This show that the gun was made part per part from dirt, so you only can make it if you know all the parts. Everybody try to make something they know like a pin wheel. After that they go in further at the tunnel and meet Noda. Well the first meeting was blooding, because Noda killed Ooyama, somehow he was stop by Chaa brute strength and Yurippe convince him to join there team. While going down further, they got split up because of Chaa joke about Yuri being his wife that make Noda jealous and ran away.(Not the Noda we knew) So Yuri and Hinata goes down further while Chaa and Ooyama go to get Noda back on track. When Yuri and Hinata enter the Hall, Shiina was waiting there and they think she the final boss. Of course they try to talk to her but got little words out of her and decide to attack them. Yuri and Hinata run like hell to the surface, When the other arrive, ready to fight Shiina, they got killed in a instant then they continue running until they reach the surface. There Hinata got killed and somehow Yurippe capture Shiina, but not long until she break free and attack them again. This time  when they reach to school, they use Tenshi against Shiina. So After Shiina got defeated by Tenshi, She join the group and all the rule of the group and goal was made by Yurippe, and that how the Afterlife Battle Frontier was made. The story continue at the Anime of Angel Beats.

The story was pretty short and the other character have not meet, well at least the Bonus chapter that introduce the Girls Dead Monster Band and there personality are fine. It much more better if they add more story about the other characters. Anyway that all for now.

Here a link for the Story of Track Zero

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