Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bungaku Shoujo Memoir OVA 1 Review

Well the story start from the heroine name Tooko Amano, a girl that who love all the World's stories so much  that she eat them, and called herself a Literature Girl or "Bungaku shoujo".

 Children do not know want there eating

This episode show her story about how to she begin to like books and eating it, but eating books will make someone look crazy. So her father said to her that she cannot eat it in public except to her most treasured person only. After years pass by and now in high school, she try hard to adapt to be a normal high school girl, but thing do not go well, except for literature that become her favorite subject.

  Who you trying to fool?

It that time reveal that Tooko parents have die in an accident, and living with her aunt and cousin that know who her very well. While she waiting an acquaintance in a office that her dad use to work, She started to read the disqualified story on the box at her side. Tooko was surprise that there is one story, "Similar to the Sky" by Inoue Miu that is so nice, she ask to her friend in the office to check it again.

Her imagination is so wide

After read it and going home, she begin to imagine the place and the characters that give her great enjoy.

This pose mean "I'm in love"

At home, Tooko begun to feel lovestruck to the Author and tell to her cousin about. From time to time, she anticipate on the status of the "Similar to the Sky" and was publish after a year. The novel become the talk of the people around her school and become a movie, and because of that she made her own literature club, but sadly the Author announce to the publisher that he quit on writing. After hearing the news from her friend in the publisher office, Tooko got depress and least joyful from a year or so. On her Senior year, losing hope for new member, she coincidently hear the name of Inoue Konoha, who is a second year that her school, seem to  be similar to the Author pen name Inoue Miu, and from his looks , Tooko is sure that he is the Author she fell in love. Tooko decide to help him to write again by becoming a member of her club.And so the story begin where Konoha meet Tooko eating a piece of paper of the book.

She eating it like there chips

This story really relate me that how much love wonderful story except i do not eat them, The Anime gives both inspiration and sadness in life, so i give 10/10 on this anime because it really good or should it say the best Story that i have watch in my life. I can't wait for the next Ova of it.


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