Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep ~First Impression~

The Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is finally out. When I play it, the opening is almost the same to the first Kingdom Hearts,
but it have a mix with the second Kingdom Hearts then the story start at Xehanort who seem young at first a later become old while carrying Ventus. Later the game give three choice to whose of  the three character you going to play at the game. Terra is prideful man and have a skill like the heavy sword man with a heavy burden almost like Riku, Aqua is a Kind girl and most of her skill are on magic, and last Ventus is a most precious of Terra and Aqua, like Sora or Roxis, he have skill that do swift attacks. All of them have different stories but only one that bond them is their unbreakable friendship, even in light or darkness. Well still play it anyway so until then next time hehe.  

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