Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Episode 1 Review

Well the Anime start with the introduction how Tokugawa Era still last unlit the present. After the introduction, the main protagonist, "Yagyuu Muneakira" catch a girl that fall from the sky and receive his first kiss.

This reminds me of Chii in Chobit when first awaken.

Before the "First Kiss" happened, Muneakira have just arrive at a School were only an Warrior bloodline can enter and this is near of Mt. Fuji. He goes sight seeing a little before register himself at school, but accidentally picture two girl while there changing.

"Bzzt" I have the Target on sight, prepare to engage "Bzzt"

Mission Failed

Well the obvious happen, they thought his a pervert and got hit a lot of flying object, good thing he clear himself by demonstrating his samurai speech and the place they were changing is his Dojo. the two girl introduce themselves, the tall girl with a spear is "Gotou Matabee" and the small girl is "Sanada Yukimura". They were hiding in the Dojo because they have a fight against the student council. Before Muneakira introduce himself, a group of ninja have surround them and one whose leading it is Hattori Hanzo.

Ninja Maiden have enter the dojo

Hattori have them corned but she surprise that there a student that not register in her glass scanner, instead trying to get more info on him, The scanner detect the lingerie on the floor and come in a conclusion.

 It can detect any Ero Activity

Well the misunderstanding become worst than before. Yukimura announce that they surrender but with the help of Muneakira to realize the plan of Yukimura, they escape from Hattori group by using a stun grenade.
After there escape, Hattori report back to Sen-Hime, the student council president and got punish.(more like a deserving reward for"M" if you know what it stand for.)After Hattori leave, Sen-Hime reveal to be the one who invited Muneakira to school. After escaping the floor tunnel, Muneakira and the other have arrive in the center of the school but got ambush by Hattori's group, from Muneakira point of view, the student Council, who is part the Tokugawa Shougunate are doing wrong things against his code of Ethics. So he introduce himself and plan to join the battle against the Student Council. At the same time, a girl who is sleeping in another dimension, heard Muneakira voice and his speech about being a samurai and that trigger her awaking and meeting Muneakira with their fated first kiss.

   Now this reminds me of Sekeirei

After their first kiss that goes like a exploding bomb, he ask her name and said "I am Yagyuu Jubei" with a dark aura that been shown at the first scene.

Now the real battle just started

Anyhow the Animation itself was great, It have a mix with the old style of drawing and advance animation make a new kind of anime. The Storyline was good with adding a god deity in the plot. And lastly the voice actor/actress and character are very match(never expect Rie Kumiyaga voice on Yukimura) and very entertaining. 

Overall this Anime have a lot of Ecchi scene like Sekeirei or Queens Blade and the action were still little, but this is just the first Episode and a preview of it, before they show the next episode by October, I guess..... 

Anyway I give 9/10 on this anime.


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