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Amagami SS: Nakata Sae Arc Review

Well here's the Third Heroine in Amagami SS, Nakata Sae, Who is the cutest or most Moe from all the Heroine's. She really incredible shy to anyone except Miya. The story start on summer, where a Comedian Narrator tell the about Junichi and say what in his mind or what the narrator thinks of any event that happen in the Arc.

   One way to remember the girl 

Somehow Junichi saw Sae that just transfer in there school, and his observation skill, he spot something "Incredible" that surely made him remember her very well. After a few days gone by, Junichi meet Sae again from a wallet that he accidental lost it, however Sae found it and give it back to him. Since Sae is incredible shy, so He got only a little info about her before she ran away. Well good thing Miya knows her.

Getting to know your friend very well

Anyhow Sae reveal that she is interested any cute thing and specially the clothes that Kaoru wear in her job.  So Junichi decide to train Sae to be more confident, so she won't be shy if she take a part-time Job.

Junichi: "Don't be afraid what I about to show you"

Well it didn't go well at first, but there making some progress like talking to the Vending Machine, that somehow on other person point of view will make her seem crazy.

Vending Machine will dominate the world of Food Industry

Well because of that Sae use her imagination that pretend that people are vending machine that make it so wrong yet effective to talk to other person without being shy. The next training was changing clothes that seem to be its alright that is not include but they continue and so the other misunderstand get worst.

Miya is in shock

After that the Training come to a break on a hot spring resort, where there are fan service plenty of fan service is shown.

 Even in bathing Suit still so Moe

After the onsen event, Winter reason have arrive and Sae finish her training, Now ready to get a part-time job. After getting a job successful, Sae wanted to stay with Junichi as there relationship continue to progress.
After a few days, Sae have become familiar to her job and invite Junichi with there Friends.

 having a closer view in Awesome

From this scene, Junichi seem purposely spill his glass of water, just to have a closer view that give me or other an idea at the Maid Cafe hehe.

Kaoru Wa Maid-Sama!!

Well the MOE-ness continue in the Theme Park were Junichi and Sae have there first date, they ride the merry go round, except the ferris wheel(Junichi still afraid of Height that shown at Kaoru Arc), then they watch a children show were the ranger fight a squid man that seem to turn the children show into Rated R.

   If there's Eechi, there must have Tenticle's!!

After there show, they become much closer than before. At the time when Christmas Eve is nearing, Sae ask Junichi to a couple Contest to show how strong there bond, and so he agree to it, because he wanted to tell his feelings to her.

This person is really pitiful, Don't you think so? 

They seem to be the best Yuri Couples I've seem

Just got Married in a Couple Contest

Well at the contest, the winner for the 1st prize is Haruka & Hibiki Couple that seem got most of the vote from Yuri fans hehe, And the 2nd prize won by Junichi & Sae Couple that seem the prize really meant for them. 

Black Sae mean no more being shy, just bold

There prize was a private room to watch a latest movie on Christmas, there Sae become more bold than being shy at Junichi. He somehow feel worried that how to tell his feeling to her, but then a English speaking Director tell him an advice that I don't know if he understand it or not. Anyway thing are bound to show a romantic mood in a Theater and they said each other their feelings then kiss. After that a new passion have develop that night.

Disease that only Otaku die from it

After a few years, Junichi became to like Moe and make Sae to wear Moe Clothes, even Miya enjoy in the fun also, and that the end of Nakata Sae Arc.

Sae and Miya can be so MOE!!

Well the Narrator was only the person that keep the story entertaining until episode 11 & 12 that show Kaoru and Haruka side attraction and Sae showing her cuteness and shyness to Junichi. this make most people say, this story is fine and good,... I guess? Well after the Moe, the next heroine is a tough one and my favorite!!(>v<). I can't wait next week hehe.

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  1. This third heroine is kind of boring.:(

    But the Second and the First Heroine were the Best

    Tks For the Post :)


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