Sunday, July 18, 2010

Persona 3 Portable Review

Well Since the english of this is out, I can play it without any problem. At The start of the game you will pick if your Main protagonist is a Boy or Girl. If you choose the guy, you will have the same story on the Ps2, but if a girl you'll have a different story line with new side characters appear.
 Well Its was nice playing the female protagonist, since it have a different sound track then the guy protagonist, only i do not like is the part you have to date guys?!(I'm much a Yuri type so I'll after girl only hehe.) Well they did take out the time consuming walking or run around the place to make the game less boring , they put a part-time job so you can earn money and the Status needed for Social links, and last they make double team were only two character attack and knock down there enemy. Only the problem is that you can't equip the same weapon that other characters have, Only the weapon that they can use is there specific weapons.

Well the game is very nice than before, but if only was made it psp before they make the ps2 version of it, then it will become much better. My only hope is they a persona 3 fes in the Persona 3 Portable.

Here a Op and trailer of it


  1. This Game is Cool 9/10 I lov IT!!!!!

    The Game almost relate me to my daily life
    exept for the DARK HOUR....

    hehehe ty for the "POST" :)

  2. Really?I relate to this game, even the dark hour. Hehehe!

  3. Alot of Student can be related in this game, even for dating hehe. ;)

  4. I Have a Question?

    is there realy a A hidden

    Hour in this world?


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