Sunday, July 11, 2010

Naruto 501 review

As soon as Kushina gives birth to Naruto, the masked Madara takes Naruto as a hostage and threatens Minato to move away from Kushina, but Minato plans to rescue Naruto.

Madara did not give him the time to think and throws the newborn Naruto up in the air and was about to stab him. Minato uses the time jutsu to quickly rescue Naruto but was tricked from the explosive note that was put on Naruto, making him use one of his powerful time jutsu to escape the explosion with his son.

Madara was successful to get Kushina and to free the Kyubi pitting it under his control. After the Kyubi was released, Kushina was still alive, Madara impressed but was about to finish her off by using the Kyubi however she was save by Minato right in the nick of time. He brings her back safe home even when she getting weak. Minato needed to prepare for battle against the Kyubi at the end of this chapter the young Itachi Uchiha feeling the incoming danger.

We'll know now how the Kyubi rampaged and attacked Konoha, but is the man behind the Mask is Madara or another person? And how did Kushina still live at that time before Naruto became the next Host, Maybe they used their last Chakra to give help to Naruto when the time to came  to use the Kyubi. Well if that were useful then the Chakra that Itachi gave Naruto might help him to win against Sasuke, let just hope that the power that Itachi gave to Naruto will defeat Sasuke.


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