Monday, July 19, 2010

Nurarihyon No Mago Anime Review

Well Its was exciting that one of my favorite Manga have become an Anime, but the story seem to be a little advance and show a Hanging fight scene of Rikuo Vs Gyuuki, then suddenly back at the scene where they ghost Hunting at the old school building. For 3 episode, it may seem in a hurry to get back at the Rikuo Vs Gyuuki fight scene, Can they be kind enough to leave a dailys about Why Rikuo hated Yokai? or Why he desperate to be human? Anyway its all new story in the Anime, Hopefully they might show a battle between the Rat Yokai against the Nura Clan at the next episode, and that would make it a epic anime battle hehe.(If only they make it on the first episode, a battle between the human and Yokai like the one shot Manga,  Then it will be awesome.) Well that all for now.  ; ) 

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