Thursday, July 15, 2010

Naruto Girls have no S-E-X Appeal

I was compiling back issues of Naruto scanlations for a friend when I realized something. The girls of Naruto have no s-e-x appeal at all!

Okay, so there are lots of fan art and fan made H-manga going around, but looking back, the built of the girls are more masculine than feminine. This was excusable when Naruto and the others were just kids, but now that they're at their teens, it bothers me that I don't feel any attraction to the female characters. 

They're un-sexy, un-cute, and definitely lacking in the Moe department. Well, that might be a bit refreshing in todays over-Moe anime series like K-on, and overflowing busts of the more recent animes like Highschool of the dead. But still, I'd like to have a bit of female fantasy in my anime. Okay, you might argue that Naruto is a Shonen manga and it doesn't need all that crap. But the point is the girls of Naruto are just so un-attractive.  There's something wrong with the an anime when you feel more Ero and fan service from Naruto and Konohamaru's Harem no jutsu, than with the real girls themselves. Right?

Although Tenri had some potential, I don't think I've seen her in the manga for almost a year now.
With that said, Naruto is still the most popular manga in the world so I guess I'll just eat my hat and bear with the manly girls of the series. Afterall it's one of the only 3 manga series I follow weekly. No use complaining I guess.

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  1. Well It depends on the person point of view, If they like Masculine girls or not. At least they have some Feminine Trait on Jiraya's book, if you know what i mean hehe ;)


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