Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alodia, now on your Mobile Phone

Yes, that's right.. You can now download Alodia to your mobile phones (Smart Subscriber only)! This girl has gone a long way from just an anime fan to one of the most popular cosplayer in the world. Her name is becoming synonymous to the word COSPLAY and she's not stopping there. After  being one of FHM's sexiest, she's now an ANIMAX ANIMATE, and has been invited and sponsored to some of the biggest cosplay, anime, and comic conventions in the world. She and her sister Ashley have escalated to celebrity status doing what they love. 


  1. Really

    Which one Of this Photos

    Is her FHM Shot?!

  2. I haven't bought FHM for almost 3 years now. But I guess it's the RAN Online picture from the calendar.

  3. If its a FHM shot I would love to see more, Of course I love to see her in Cosplay too in a more sexier character hehe ;)


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