Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ozinefest Encore October 2010

"What?! An Ozinefest Encore? You've got to be kidding me."

No, I'm afraid not. The organizers of Ozinefest have apparently decided to go for an encore this year. Check it out in their site which seems to have dwindled to nothing more than a mere front page. It's a bit dissapointing really.

I went to Ozinefest last April and that was  a bit dissapointing as well. The space was too big and the booths, activities and the participants were too few. The hosts didn't even give effort to be in cosplay. I strongly recommend they invite HardGay to host or to Guest atleast. That guy makes a con unforgettable!

I would gladly promote this event if the organizers can promise a more exciting event and a more awesome ambiance. I would recommend SMX where Shizen Orchestra was held last year. That place is perfect for cons. Trade Hall has become too worn out.

Too bad I have no way of contacting these people and give them a piece of my mind. I'll probably try to track them down with the resources that I have but for now I'll just settle with this post.

How was your Ozinefest experience so far?


  1. My experience was grand, ever since I got to my first Anime Convention(Ozine fest '08) Its was amazing, but the last Ozine Fest was a bit less exciting, still the games they have were fun.

    Wait can't for October Yeah!!!!!!!

  2. @pamela Opao, if your asking how to join the Ozinefest well.. details aren't out yet. But this even usually takes place in SM Megamall Tradehall, if you're in Metro Manila you'll know how to get there. But we'll update this site soon as we have more info. Thanks for the comment.

  3. where can we get the tickets for this event?


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