Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Naruto Girls: "If your were a lesbian...."

In a very controversial thread started in http://forums.narutofan.com/.
The Topic was:

"To the girls: If you were a lesbian, which Naruto girl would you (make love)* with?"

Surprisingly, a lot of real girls, and pretending girls answered with comments that would just leave you mouth hanging in awe.

Anyway, these are the results:

#1. Ino- 66 votes

#2. Temari- 50 Votes

#3. Konan- 46 Votes

#4. Anko- 43 votes 
"Anko, she's the only one with balls "
(referring to the  snacks she liked eating)

#5. Hinata- 41

#6. Sakura- 38

#7. Karin- 37

#8. Naruko- 29 
(i'm not sure if she/he counts as a girl but heck, a lot voted for her.. him.. it.. whatever!)

#9. Mizukage- 13

#10. Tsunade- 12

11. TenTen-11 
(I included her because I'm still not sure if Naruko is counted. Hehe!)


Kurenai -10
Kushina -6
Samui  -6
Tayuya  -6
Sasuko  -5 (female sasuke)
Karui  -5
Yugito  -5
Shizune  -5
Kin  -3
Mei  -3
Orogirl -2 (female body orochimaru used, she was attractive in a sick kind of way. Well, some voted for her because of her long tongue. Go figure.)
Ayame 2
Inuzuka, Hana -1
Sexy Jutsu Sasuke or Itachi.-1?
Rather have bleach women  -1
female zetsu -1
female kakashi.-1

So I guess I wrote this because in a previous post I said the Girls of Naruto had no Appeal. I guess the women think otherwise. Hehe!

*the exact words were changed to avoid violations

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