Monday, July 26, 2010

New Nitroplus or Huke Anime "Steins;Gate"

Steins;Gate is a Popular Nitroplus Visual Novel originally released on the Xbox 360 and with a PC version on the way. The Anime of it was Annouce on This Site , further details of it will be post on that site.
The Story of Steins:Gate is indirectly related to Chaos:Head, after one year at Akihabara in the summer, July 28, 2010. About the struggle of a group of Akihabara otaku who inadvertently stumble upon dark experiments in time travel that somehow uses Cell phone Messaging to the past.

Unlike with Chaod:Head that use Delusion, Steins:Gate use to change Time by Text Message. Steins:Gate is likely to be a greater than Chaos:Head(from all the mystery of it, the ending really suck), Not only that the character designs, created by none other than Huke, the artist responsible for Black Rock Shooter. If they realise this anime on this year, it might become a very popular anime(I hope so......). Well this mean another Black Rock Shooter anime might come out someday(or next year perhaps....)

Anyway here a TrailerS of Steins:Gate Visual Novel on XBox 360

(On this Video, The Main Protagonist claim be a Mad Science)

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