Monday, January 31, 2011

Sword Art Online Review

The story is related to Online game that seem like dot Hack series, however the plot is not the same. SAO(Sword Art Online) is an online game were Ten Thousand Players that login use an "Nerve Gear"(an console that let you feel the full gaming as if its real) are trap within the game, and the only way to get out is to clear the game. However when someone die in the game, they die for real, making it hard to clear the game.

The protagonist, Kirito, who is also one of  many players that are trap within the game, search and help to clear the game, he's a Solo player and an Beta Tester that knows how survive in SAO. The Heroine, Asuna, Also a trap player whose associate with Kirito, She is an Sub leader of the Strongest Guild Known as KoB(Knight of Blood) that clearing very floor they go in SAO. The Story timeline tells about the of Kirito and Asuna for 2 year in SAO. Eventually the story were amazing telling the details that really won't bore you at all. The Romance was good also the battle was the best. The Novel Volume 1 and 2 is really good, however the other volumes are not yet translated or somehow just extending the story making it better or worst. Anyway the Manga of SAO seem bad enough to destroy my amazing image of SAO in the Novel, Hopefully they got to make their art a bit more better, if the next chapter come out.... Anyway this Novel was so good making me think that they make it an Anime or a Game, if they were to make this. Well for now, I'll wait for the Translation of the other Volumes and I just hope the story won't get worse.  


  1. Lolz @Chapter 16.5 of the novel xD

  2. I like the novel very much, and seems the others volumes don't drop the level in comparison with the 2 translated volumes.
    I am amazed how the SAO manga was bad drawn

  3. Totally Agree what you said Flame

  4. When looked at in retrospect I would disagree with everyone's opinions. IN COMPARISON yes SAO manga is a fail compared to the novel. BUT overall the small amount of the manga available to read online is pretty good compared to other mangas. I found out about SAO yesterday and already read V1- where volume 2 is translated at the moment. So i would say my opinion is an unbiased one. Additionally, I read the manga 1st.

  5. Same here. I also read the manga first but then somehow found the light novels. Actually i find that the SAO arc of the series is still better than the continuations, but i'm at the GGO arc right now. :)


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