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Gundam 00 Movie Review

The story take place 2 years after the series(Gundam 00 S2) ended, the whole world have peace and the celestial beings did not show up anymore except in a movie about them that look like Super Robot Wars than Gundam.

Remind me about Gundam W yet have more an Guuren Lagann theme

Well everyone seem fine and some have a good love life, except the Prophesy of Aeolia have come true, about the enemy that mankind will face.

ELS(Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifter) were called to the new threat, it can change shapes and control technology(if they come in contact to it) others an Alien Terminator that use liquid metal only. Both Celestial Beings and the Earth Sphere Federation(ESF) also known to be the former organization that build the A-law that change there ways have trouble against fighting there new foe. The reason why earth is in danger because most of the people in earth have potential to become an Innovators that attract the ELS and assimilate them.

Look like Billy find a sassy girl of his own

So the all the known character in 00(that are alive) need to unite and to solve why the ELS attack the people that have a high quantum brain wave like the Innovator. For a while they use there newly found Innovator to fight this Aliens.

I think he be a best bad guy character if only he still alive to battle against the ESF

Even the movie seem serious and all, there still romance in the Air if only there more romance in Alleluia and Marie(Soma Peris) it might turn out great.

 This guy sure is lucky to have Sexy Meena(poor Sumeragi TT_TT)

  ....... I have to ask how this Immortal Idiot get marriage to this fine woman?

Seem the most romantic couple in 00
Well Setsuna surely completely useless and have defeat by a bunch of small fried ELS(Damn for being weak at mental attacks)

  Talk about useless for not using the 00 raiser to attack

Anyway the battle turn into a War which side will leave standing, like some war end movie, Setsuna have come to stop the war by understanding them using his new Gundam 00 Quanta and turn the moon shape into a desert flower, symbol that the ELS make peace to Earth.

Now there a second i mean a flower on space lol.

Well the movie turn out great but the enemies aren't amazing at all, it just end a bit quietly don't you gandam fan think that too. 


  1. Interesting. I haven't got to watch this yet but it looks nice. I watched the both seasons,i guess i better watch this one too. Hehe.

  2. I personally feel that this was the ONE and ONLY gundam series having a proper ending, rather like the previous ones having hanging plots..but the whole alien fighting stuff feels like Macross...just that the ELS are not weak against music.

    Lots of beam spamming and what not.. Gundam designs were weird. Season 1 having fresh designs...later to be followed back with the classic Gundam thing [double mouth vents and having a more squarish shape] and now in the Movie they have mouth vents gone.. No offence but Quanta seems the most unbalance.. Zabanya was the best followed by Harute then Raphael.

  3. honestly, I fell asleep in the middle of the movie. The most exciting part for me was when Hallelujah's(or whoever he is) second personality surfaced again. That was it. Overall, the movie felt half-baked. Just a lot of CG and action but not much substance.

  4. Agree with what "Lockon Stratos" said above... more than half the movie was a whole lot of politics.. The mini movie in the movie was to buy the time...i felt it was unnecessary as they could have squeeze in more details into that time frame.

    And as one of the peps above there, yes...there was too much beam spamming along with missiles..I guess the SEED Destiny series really did influence alot on spamming stuff. As compared to previous gundam series, this is the one that only ended...without any conflict..50 years later, unlike the rest which have a new conflicts starting up and the fighting never stops. Plot was boring IMO, no offense to those who liked it.

  5. Other Gundams have had endings, what are you talking about? Wing has a Endless Waltz, G Gundam is SUPPOSED to have continuing conflict though the whole Dark Gundam thing was resolved, SEED Destiny ended with Shin allying with Kira and Athrun (who could POSSIBLY mess with them now), and then you have Turn A, which has a nice ending on it's own, and if you want, also serves as a nice ending to the entire UC.

    Anyway I was pretty surprised with just the MENTION of possible alien contact in the future, which I thought would happen a long time from now, and then they decide to cash in and make a movie about it. And then the movie just decides to give the aliens the typical "they were just trying to communicate but humans mistook them to be attacks" thing.

  6. Re:J

    What i meant in "proper ending" is that the series itself ended totally. SEED Destiny did not really end as they had the "VS Astray" follow up.

    Endless Waltz was also nice on its own...until they came up with the new Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop. -.-

    As for Dark/ Devil Gundam from G is said that after the events of the anime itself part of Devil/Dark Gundam's remains on the Guyana Highlands evolved into Devil Gundam Junior [which odd enough...looks like Turn-X]

    UC timeline's last battle took place in the CG Movie G-Savior

    Turn A was not really a ending... As stated by Tomino himself, he just wants to conclude and compile his works he directed for Gundam line. That's why he tried to link all the previous series all into 1 in Turn A.

    IMO..rather than making movies and what not...I rather they make the animation out of the mangas or side stories. Just like what they are doing for Unicorn Gundam right now

  7. Kel:

    Frankly speaking, I feel the movie is a dissapointing one. It is rather reckless in plot, predictable in story and messy battle scenes. As compared to its two successful seasons. Maybe I had too high hopes for this movie after all the anticipation. The gundam models also are bad compared to the first and second versions. Had a detail look at the 1/100 model kits, zabana is a like have a fence around its small body frame, raphael is like a crap with two fangs, cant remember if halleluja's gundam did ever transform to humanoid, and 00 gant is like a classic gundam with a shield. graham's flag seems more powerful than any gundam. plus, the destruction of the alien world is very strange and un-understandable, and they use the great red spot of jupiter to hide, why appear now, haha..., when they can appear earlier. Anyway, most people are drawn into gundam for its battle and gundam models. the battle are full of riduculous multiple sharp shooting that clear the path or area at one attack. its is really a joke. kati lead an entire army that was losing, and kuju tell her to hope for luck. and was really confuse and thrown off when corner was dipicted in a movie, what a big laugh...

  8. Setsuna can easily assimilate the whole ELS inside their planet, but he intend to understand the purpose of ELS,for me OO Qua[t]is the most powerful Gundam ever made why, TransAm,Quantum Burst,Sword Fang and Transition System(teleportation) and many more!

  9. I thought that everything was good but personally i thought their wasn't a lot of action with 00 Quan[t]. I mean it wouldve been awesome if Quan[t] had a final battle with ELS but i guess the creators wouldn't go that way.

  10. it feels like macross to me

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  12. the movie is shit. Best comedy a laughing stack for the whole gundam fanbase. What a shitty gundam movie. Aliens, super robots, lame shipping, newtype rip-offs and yes, the useless hero and heroine. Now, if you please excuse me, I'm gonna rewatch Char's counterattack rather than this... ugh!!!!!!!

  13. the movie is shit. Best comedy a laughing stack for the whole gundam fanbase. What a shitty gundam movie. Aliens, super robots, lame shipping, newtype rip-offs and yes, the useless hero and heroine. Now, if you please excuse me, I'm gonna rewatch Char's counterattack rather than this... ugh!!!!!!!


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