Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kore wa Zombie Desuka? anime ~First Impression~

Oh my we're gonna hit by a truck, but no worries I'm a Zombie^^..

the opening was an impact, just one simple intro then crash!! everything gone into complete chaos with the removal of his clothes and some old mans wig lol.
The story is about Aikawa Ayumu who got killed by a serial killer but have been revived as a Zombie by an Necromancer,
 She look like more a Valkyrie than an Necromancer

Eucliwood Hellscythe, who stay with him(as a freeloader) and very quite that she only write on the memo what she say. Ever since Ayumu got killed, he somehow want vengeance against his killer, however instead finding his killer, he found another troublesome dangerous character.

  For the first time, there is a Mahou Shoujo that use a Chainsaw

OUCH!! Definitely not your kind of Mahou Shoujo

Well its turn out that Ayumu Zombie powers absorb magic that mahou shoujo Haruna become a normal.

   more than being a normal person now, she actually do not know a cell phone

The enemies are "Megalo", monsters that hide as human, Foes of Haruna and their true form are like ordinary animals just huge.

I think the enemies are not scary at all, just pitiful creature

I can say this anime is really funny lol. and I be to watch this all the way, I just hope a badass Antagonist come sooner.

  Anyway let's end this with magical cross-dresser Zombie Ayumu Bwahahahaha!!!.


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