Monday, January 10, 2011

The Idolm@ster anime announced

The famous game of sining sensation group of Idols in Xbox360 soon to have an anime of it. According to this SITE they begin the count down of the anime and soon to show at Jan 29,2011.

the anime’s new homepage reveals “Aniplex” is mentioned as the copyright holder, giving some clue as to who is producing it. Well there was an anime "Idolmaster: Xenoglossia" that is the same character in Idolmaster but its story involve about mecha and singing(Sound like macross lol.)

This time the Idolmaster anime is set to its original story like in the game. From the looks of it the character in the game and in the new anime have very different looks(or more improve character design than in the game).

Its just me or the anime make them much nicer appearance than the game?

Anyway I hope the anime will exceed my expectation, and here's a PV about the anime.

First step Hiraku Kimi PV


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