Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gosick ~First Impression~

Gosick anime seem a bit easy to solve the first mystery in the first episode, good thing the next episode is the continuation of that mystery.

Spoiled Brat face

Vitorique (the main Heroine) sure talk like a old lady however she still act childish for sometime and  Kazuya Kujo (the main Protagonist) is like the same hero that get abuse by the heroine but reliable in some ways.

 Ha! women...they always bring everything

This is another way to trigger a Flag....maybe

For Inspector Grevil (Who have the most weirdest hair drill) is technically an idiot closest to inspector mori in Detective Conan, at least he know were to get the info to solve his cases quick.

 like Kazuya comment in the novel his hair look like can be use as a weapon

 WoW i never he play dolls for sometime

    one thing for sure he's no sailor if he had that hair style

Well the opening and closing are good and the story plot surely an mystery novel were clues are collected base on evidence, rumor and superstition. This really exciting what will happen at the next episode. 


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