Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announces

Lighting is back in the continued of FF13. After the Ending, were they preventing a collision between Cocoon and Pulse by turning themselves into a crystal pillar between the two worlds. The rest of the party awakens on Pulse, find their l'Cie brands gone, and Lightning and Snow reuniting with Serah while Sazh reunites with Dajh, as Vanille and Fang oversee a new beginning for Cocoon's people. However another war is about to begin. 

Accord to this Video I watch(sorry about the crappy video but all i found)

The Futuristic world become an medieval world(Lightning in Armor seem really medieval to me). Its like the opposite of FF10-2, they seem to reverted back to their old ways. Anyway the part 2 of FF13 might fine, but on my opinion "I do not like the turn of Events, like the Futuristic Story turn into a Medieval Story". Well that for now^^

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