Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beelzebub ~First Impression~

The anime show first your typical delinquent anime were the protagonist, Oga is the most Badass among the first years High school yet one problem he encounter. The baby he pick up was a son of a Demon lord and going to destroy humanity and Oga was chosen to be the foster parent.

The is Rainbow After the ...urine?

Beelzebub V or his nickname Be'el seem more a walking doll than an baby. Oga show a lot of being a bad person and a man even getting shock when Be'el goes crying for little reason.

 How's this for an insane smile

 To be honest his scary smile just do the opposite affect

Hilde voice actress sure fit the character and show some cute yet dangerous side in the first episode of Beelzebub.

She's one dangerous demon maid for sure!!

The only things bothering me is Takayuki Furuichi was gray hair that I imagine it would be blonde for being in a delinquent school, also not much fight scene just simple brawl and running away from Hilde's Sword (that look like a bit bleach anime) but the power of baby Beel's lighting turn into color red instead of blue that give the image that Beel true power is like hell's lighting hehe.

  The First episode is good , and I expect the next episode to be more amusing like its manga series.


  1. I only have One Comment about this anime

    The Anime IS WEIRED!!!!

    Tks for the post :)

  2. Never seen i anime but the manga is made of awesome


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