Sunday, April 3, 2011

Working!! Seasoned 2 Announced

The Wagnaria Restaurant Employee's are back for Seasoned 2, The Working!!/Wagnaria!!(the other name) have announce on their Site. It one of the Anime that been use for the April Fools day that certain trick the other fans or made them mad about it(or rather make it more fun^^).
The character song series will have seven titles released over the course of four months. The first two titles will feature Sōta Takanashi and Popura Taneshima and will ship on June 22. Finally, a "Wagnaria!! ~Natsu no Dai-Daikansha-sai~ 2011" event with the voice cast will take place in Tokyo on June 26.

Anyway here's the Trailer and the April Fools Trailer

The Real Trailer:

The April Fools Trailer:


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