Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TWOGK Season 2 : A Whole New Season

The World Only God Know Season 2 is out and the opening just gone better to the title ^^ but little to say the improvement of the Anime.

"Keima return as the Capturing God"

"How to enter TWOGK in Jap Lol"

This Season continues to Keima's Fifth Target and the other three (that include Haqua), still unknown that this season will catch up to the part where Keima meet with the first Goddess Diana in the manga, but its confirm that only three heroine will be conquered this season(if they going to add more heroines this season).

Anyway the first Episode were Keima meet the fifth Heroine, "Kusukoni Kasuga". She is the Martial Artist that show how cool she is.

 "I think this series is best for comedy than Action genre"

"And best for Cuteness and Softness~^^"

However like every Heroine that Keima encountered she too have problems and its all about being Feminine or Masculine choices.

"Well here's an Epic battle between Master of Warrior and The Capturing God"

Meeting your other self

Well the next Episode will be certain this Heroine be capture but what I waiting for is After the next epsiode the coming of the new character "Haqua".

I wonder if the plot is the same as the manga or modified it better in Haqua Arc.

Anyway Here the Opening of the Season 2


  1. finally ... I was ( still ) so excited about this anime XDDD but finally the first is out sooooo yeah!!!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDD

  2. wow TWGOK season 2..


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