Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bleach 445: Ichigo's Clad-Type Fullbring

Ichigo's Clad-Type Fullbring (Haha! I was right.)
Finally some Bleach Action!


Finally after what seemed like a lifetime of boring Bleach chapters, we finally get some of the action that Bleach is well-known for. Afterall, what's a shonen manga without any fight scenes, right?

So now we get our first encounter with the "BIG BOSS" and also we have Chad and Ginjo showing off their powers too. Aww this is so exciting.

You might be thinking that a fullbring is weaker than reiatsu but the thing about fullbring is that it's a physical weapon and not a spiritual. Ichigo is using his own body now unlike when he was in shinigami form and only his spirit is working. So he may have the knowledge and his spirit has all that experience, but his physical body still has limitations. "The spirit is willing, but the body is weak"

But of course it could also be an advantage since now his body is learning untapped potential which could be limitless!


  1. Holy hell! But seriously, what the fuck is a clad-type fullbring?!


  2. Ok, i just wanna say something. Because everywhere people have been getting this wrong. Ahem, his full bring is NOT his bankai, its like his bankai in that it envelops him. His sword is also like that, someone else was confused and said she didnt know what happened to his sword, his sword is an extension of his fullbring. Obviously not complete, later it would be expected that his form is in stages.
    1. Gain access to fullbring
    2. Evolve fullbring to the "max"
    3. Strengthen his fullbring "learn how to use it"
    4. Perhaps gain his spiritual form back
    5. Absorb xcutions fullbrings

    Now, I also want to note that he will NOT be as strong as he was. He was that strong because of the hogyoku (or however you spell it). So, when he gets his Soul Reaper form back, he either will not be as strong as he was, or he will from his natural talent.


  3. You may be right but he wasn't strong because of the hogyoku (or however you spell it). FGT beaten hogyoku and the source of FGT wast ichigo's own power and Aizen still has hogyoku that's why he's immortal now. I think ichigo's fullbring will be similar to his shikai and then like you sail it'll go in stages.

  4. ...

    Just after Ichigo reaches complete fullbring during a battle against Shūkurō Tsukishima, Rukia will appear and pierce Ichigo again, like in the first episode to awake his powers once more.
    Ichigo will regain his full last form plus the new Fullbring form, resulting in a transcendent being without using the final form.

    Do some work, read the manga...

    1. I agree. Ichigo won't get weaker. It's completely redundant and would make the story move backwards. Once Ichigo became as strong as was in soul reaper form it can't get weaker. People misinterpret loss of practice as getting weaker. Ichigo will be just as strong as he was if not stronger.

    2. Ichigo does get his powers back but his sword and costume is different either way he still gets beat by the quincy leader and so does the captain commander but he dies

  5. why do people keep calling his new shikai and bankai a fullbring shikai and a fullbring bankai like the yeh he looks different but so what byakuya and the other peole have hanged and have collars like his (escpt his bankai cause its like nothing there) so its only natural it would change so could someone explain to me why that is

    and also if there is coplay of clad-type fullbring ichigo somewhere cause im making it


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